In this workshop we will discuss and practice some nontraditional pysanky techniques. We will talk about color choice, placement and basic color theory. We will also talk about elements of design and how these may be used to help you create your own complete and harmonious design.

Some experience or knowledge with the batik method of dyeing that is a wax resist process will be helpful to participate in the workshop. You will be challenged to step out of your artistic comfort zone with some fun and creative learning activities as well as several demos including: preparing and sanding a goose egg, using the egg lathe and quilling strips to draw a grid on your egg, shading/blending of dyes to create many interesting color effects and a varnishing demo using a spray finish.

In this workshop you will be encouraged to think outside of the box and challenge yourself to experiment and play with color and design. There will be two egg projects to complete. The first egg project will be practicing color placement and the shading or blending technique and color effects. The second egg project will begin with sketching out your own design on graph paper. For this project each student will be given a small white box that will contain several random objects in it. These objects will be use as inspiration to create a complete egg design. **please contact me with any questions concerning what to bring/supplies or materials needed.   I will update the as needed or requested.

Thanks, Mark

**more info to be posted **